The Inflammation/Alkaline Connection


  Our body is designed to be alkaline – our blood has a pH of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline and it will do whatever it can to regulate our pH levels. The Standard American Diet, consumed by a large portion of the population, is the main evildoer causing our body to be in a constant state of acidity. Consuming highly acidic foods like processed foods, soda, fast food, junk foods, dairy, eggs, and meat, strips our bones from essential minerals in order to buffer the acidity and do its best to keep our body in an alkaline state. This leads to things like osteoporosis and other degenerative conditions.

  The real purpose of eating a whole plant based alkaline diet is to help the body maintain a normal pH – not to increase the pH content. What we eat influences how much compensating the body needs to do. The body will generally always maintain a pH of 7.35, but eating acidic foods creates a burden; it disrupts homeostasis. Eating alkalizing foods alleviates the stress of long-term neutralization!

Over-acidification is a vicious cycle; more acids = more toxins = rapid decrease of healthy cells (oxidation).



  The major illnesses that plague the majority of the planet are caused by a high-acid diet, leading to things like autoimmune conditions, cancer, heart disease, skin disorders, allergies and the list goes on. You might feel just fine now, but your body will eventually be moved out of it’s optimal pH balance and you will become the victim of some disease or illness.

  When your diet is predominantly acid-forming, your hormones become out of balance, your food then ferments and putrefies instead of properly digesting, and excessive mucus and inflammation is produced.  Your blood becomes toxic and your lymphatic system becomes clogged.  This is what they call "disease".

  Disease as it is understood, is really a bit of an illusion.  In reality, disease is the body trying to prevent fermentation or break down of the tissue.  It's the body going into safety alert trying to maintain homeostasis or balance of the interstitial fluids of the body which are alkaline.  If your food is mostly acid forming and isn't properly digested, the tissue in the body will become inflamed and create mucus.

  Cancer is not a disease, but a symptom of gastrointestinal and metabolic acids that have built up in the blood and then those acids are thrown off into the tissues poisoning and suppressing our immune system making it increasingly difficult to maintain the alkaline PH of the internal fluids of the body.  An alkaline diet is often “prescribed” to cancer patients or those suffering from chronic illness.

  In its natural state, food either has an alkaline or acidic effect on the body.  The effect left after digestion is important because of the bodies mechanisms in building stem cells from food which become blood cells. For this to happen, food and liquid must be at a ph of 8.4 for food to become stem cells, which become blood cells, resulting in bones, organs, etc.  Alkalinity aids in the regeneration of the body, where as acidity corrodes and degenerates.

The way to fix inflammation is to bring the body into an alkaline state and break the cycle of imbalance, thus allowing you to experience real health, energy and quality of life.

The amount of time to cleanse your body of the inflammation & mucus depends on multiple factors such as the extent to which your lymphatic system is stagnated, the current state/functionality of organs/glands, level of symptoms (chronic, acute, subacute), and how aggressively and disciplined you are during the Blaze Free System. It is also important to note that most of these vegetables and fruits are best eaten raw, because cooking raises acidic levels

For transitioning purposes, it's really encouraged to consume fruits of the acid and sub-acid variety, such as limes, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, mangos, apples, pears, watermelons, cherries. Vegetables and fruits such as bananas, dates, avocados aren't going to be as effective at hydrating or drawing metabolic waste from congested areas since they lack astringency, but you can use them to balance if the acid fruits are too aggressive for you. Definitely remove anything from your diet that would exacerbate the problem, including meats, dairy, eggs, seafood, grains, legumes, and nuts.  We'll touch more on this deeper later in the first season.  As of right now, just follow the guidebook.  

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