"Treat The Fire...Not The Smoke"

__Nurse Fame

A Life of Energy, Better Sex & Confidence Could

Be Just Weeks Away...



WHAT IGNITES IT (CAUSE):    Toxic backup in the lymph system from acidic residue as a result of poor food, lack of physical exercise and toxic thoughts

WHAT’S THE EFFECT OF THE AFTER BURN: “diseases"/conditions…fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, MS....


I spent decades racking up new symptoms doctors couldn't explain.  I've cycled through arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, full body psoriasis, fibromyalgia, migraines, brain fog, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, Raynaud's and more....


So I understand the feeling of being out of control and helplessness.  The doctor's are useless beyond pills, and the information circulating can be confusing or deceitful with financial gain.  Nothing you've tried has really done much good, or was short term.  Little bits of your health keep breaking down and you don't know how to stop it.  I would have you to consider not allowing the convenience of a drive thru or packaged food bring you to an ultimate life of amputations, dialysis, joint replacements and constant hospital stays.  

The Wellness You Deserve is a Lot Closer Than You've Been Led to Believe...

If you desire to end the pain, frustration and battle with your body for good, and create the health & energy you deserve, and ready to take live your best life, then read on, because… 

Abundant health is a lot closer, and a lot easier, than you’ve been led to believe…

There's A Reason You're Here....

And I Appreciate You.

As a retired operating room nurse, I've seen a lot of things in surgery, and I can assure you my loves, you want no parts of that life. And if you're headed for an operating room table soon, you may be looking for the exit.  Being chronically ill and having multiple surgeries/hospital stays, is also draining on your family members.  Most of them have some sort of health problem themselves, and now they've become your caregiver, for who knows how long. 

I'm going to be real and it might sting, but....Your poor lifestyle choices shouldn't be their burden.

People sit in their hospital rooms alone and weep, wondering how they got to that point when they just signed a consent to cut out/off a body part.  Is that really what you want to look forward to in your future?

I really don't need to know what your "disease" or condition is because I can tell you this proven truth:

When you give the body the tools it needs to repair and heal, you will thrive....no matter what you've been suffering from. 

And the path to rebalance, cleanse and reset can be simple, and effortless, and I look forward to showing you how.

Take The First Step And In Fourteen Days You Can Begin To Transform Your Health

and Life Forever…

I want you to know this...amazing changes with your health can happen quickly, and it can transform your life in a matter of weeks.

We’ve been led to believe that regaining or attaining health has to be a pharmaceutical or surgical process…that significant change takes years, pain, numerous specialists…or to be on a diet for the rest of your life…

But I know, and have experienced, that this is not true.

The Blaze Free System can change your life forever, in weeks, because it begins to give the body exactly what it needs to heal, repair and thrive.

Blaze Free is about knowing how your body works, what it needs, and returning to nature…real, whole, natural, nourishing foods and supporting the body with everything it needs in to reset, cleanse and heal.  

This is what Blaze Free is all about.

The very first step in the Blaze Free journey is beginning the transition with the Reset Pre-Cleanse.

It is so easy, it doesn’t take a whole lot of time each day (if anything it saves you time in your day if you do the prep!), it doesn’t require expensive foods or supplements and it's an easy way to create healthy daily habits for your new wellness lifestyle...


It's simple, powerful, delicious, quick and easy – and the results can be just wonderful (you might finally get some energy for sex)...




So, right now I encourage you to throw away any past beliefs about a "cleanse’"being hard, time-consuming, staving yourself, eating or drinking weird stuff, headaches, hunger, or feeling deprived.


The Blaze Free Reset Pre-Cleanse is the complete opposite of that. 


It’s more like a positive journey of nourishment, abundance, reconnecting with your body, feeling energized and finally ditching their specialists.

The Blaze Free System works, and it works every time no matter what the goal because it gets to the CORE of what is really wrong (Inflammation), and what your body needs to be able to heal, repair, restore and thrive...

Let’s Be Real About It: What Most of Us Are Doing Now & Have Done In the Past Is NOT Working

Over the past fifty plus years we've learned so much about food, the human body, sickness and disease. Or have we been led to the wolves on purpose.  With google and smartphones, we have access to massive amounts of information to improve ourselves. Yet, as a species, we humans are getting sicker, bigger and more fatigued. Autoimmune and mental health issues are increasing constantly. 


More and more people are suffering and living in pain. And yet no amount of research, medical advancement, education or effort seems to be helping. 


How much has this nonsense cost you?  Physically, financially, romantically?  

Has living with autoimmune disease created infidelity in your relationship because someone's too sick to "do it" anymore?  Has it caused you to file bankruptcy yet?  Or have you feeling unattractive, unlovable and like you'll be alone forever?  

Everyone reaches a point where they are finally tired of being sick and tired, and want help. Are you there yet? 



People are more stressed today than ever. There seems to never be enough time to do anything.  Meals are fast and convenient, just like many relationships.  We are far more toxic than most realize, physically and emotionally.  There's a lot to undo, and it can and has been done.  


We've been blindly trusting the pharmaceutical companies to help us heal, the media, bogus government health guidelines and dishonest food companies,  – and the advice we’re getting is stuck in the dark ages and it’s keeping us sick, tired and broke.

Healthcare has become a very lucrative industry.  

It’s making things dramatically worse…and I can tell you why… 

The Standard American Diet has put our body so far out of balance that we’re struggling just to get through the day.

We’re so clogged, unbalanced, inflamed, stressed and acidic that our body cannot cope. It is in this chaotic state that sickness and disease finally appear and take a hold.

We have to change what we’re doing…it's time to save ourselves.


 If you've been suffering long enough than you'd agree and you already know that drugs are not the solution, that they’re only masking the symptoms and making it worse beneath the surface and behind the scenes. Right? I know you know this.  (Emergency life saving treatment doesn't count, sooo....)



What we’ve been doing isn’t working, please consider a change now in a major way…


I would have you to consider a reboot.  To reset, wipe the slate clean and undo the years of damage. 


The body needs to clear out the junk, heal and repair.


Consider allowing the body to rebalance and reset our pH, our immune system, our digestion, detox the liver and kidneys, and nourish the brain. 


It is absolutely possible to re-create the healing environment in our body within which we can thrive and when we do, we will instantly feel vibrant, energized and alive…

The 1st Step & Prerequisite For The Blaze Free System Is The Pre Cleanse.

The Blaze Free Reset Pre-Cleanse Will Effortlessly Begin To Undo Years of Damage and Set You Up To Transition To The Level of Health, You Deserve…In a Matter of Days

The Blaze Free Reset Pre-Cleanse is a powerful first step. 












In just 14 days it can begin to change your health and lead the way to toxic weight loss, proper hydration, better skin... 


Easy to follow guidebook, Simple recipes, Quick to implement ideas, and no real big time-commitments either. 

 It’s quick, simple, powerful and pretty enjoyable.


RESET PRE-CLEANSE-The Starting Foundation

This is all about the 14-days before you start your Blaze Free journey fully, and in many ways, this is the most important fourteen days of the entire system. 


 Being serious and doing this right, you will make your Blaze Free experience much easier, more enjoyable AND more effective. And when you dive into this module, you’ll see just how easy and done-for-you I make it:


  • The Smoothies: the Reset Pre Cleanse Guide Book shows you the most easy-to-to daily steps, all of which take just minutes-per-day, that will lay the foundation to give you the maximum results from the Blaze Free lifestyle.  

  • You don’t have to try each smoothie if you found one you love , you can pick those that fit best into your daily routine, and they will prepare your body, begin gently cleansing and supporting your digestive system, immune system, liver and kidneys, and start bringing you results, momentum and confidence right away.

  • Many people begin losing toxic weight after a week or so  simply by following The Reset Pre Cleanse, it’s that powerful! 

  •  The Ingredients: no one likes giving stuff up…sugar, gluten, caffeine…these can be painful to eliminate, and cravings, headaches & mood swings can hit your motivation pretty hard.  

  • Thankfully, Blaze Free is about abundance, positivity and joy and so… for the 14 day cleanse, follow the guide, however eat what you like for dinner. In the full program, I show you how to effortlessly substitue food ingredients so your future dining experiences are completely craving, pain and stress-free. 


  •  Done-for-You Meal Suggestions & Shopping Lists: to gently transition you to a more alkaline, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich lifestyle, you get the ultimate in ‘done-for-you’ – fourteen day suggested food guide, covering every meal, the itemized shopping list to match the meal suggestion and all of the recipes to follow.  

  • This means all you need to do is take the shopping list to the grocery store, buy the foods and then follow the meal suggestions and you get the result. This is important because it saves you a huge amount of time every day, eliminates confusion and because you have the written plan, it dramatically reduces the chance of you falling off track, thereby helping you create the daily habits that shift and change your life.

This module is all about setting you up for success with the keys of health before we head into the 6 core principles of your Blaze Free lifestyle...


Get started for just $11 right now!!....Do the pre-cleanse and begin prepping your body for the full Blaze Free System......START NOW!

Blaze Free Reset Pre Cleanse cover.jpg

Gain the blueprint to real wellness.  The six principles to rid yourself of pharmaceuticals, co-pays and suffering.  

​Nurse Fame has conquered and reversed the symptoms of autoimmune disease for herself and countless others. She delivers the best program for reversing autoimmune diseases through an intensive online signature program called

Blaze Free.   

 Six in-depth modules filled with guidebooks, mindset tools, action plans, recipes and more...

Join others in opportunities for Q & A virtual office hours, and in the online Blaze Free community. Consider this to be the best option to create fast and lasting outcomes in the reversal of your autoimmune disease.

To learn more about this program, click to register and participate in the first step to being Blaze Free, the Reset Pre-Cleanse, for $11

Now is YOUR Time…

I know you’ve been struggling with your health for a while. If you’re like most people, your health challenge has been with you for years if not decades. 


Decades of frustration, pain and feeling like you’re at war with your body.  Wouldn't you like to end it here.


All that's required is 14 days, for you to get started with the pre cleanse, and begin to experience the benefits for yourself and begin to put years of pain behind you.


Blaze Free is powerful, it works, and now is the PERFECT time for you and I to get started together.


So What Is the Blaze Free System?

The Blaze Free Program is the complete step-by-step, training and support program that gives you everything you need to effortlessly transform your health, energy and body starting in just a few weeks.

Blaze Free is a beginning transition system for the person who wants to desperately get better, but doesn't know where to start or how!

The online program guides you through each phase of the Blaze Free System: Starting with the Reset Pre-Cleanse, including guide books, action plans & checklists, meal suggestions, recipes and more...


There are SIX core modules in the program and each is broken down into simple, overwhelm and confusion-free step-by-step videos, guides and action plans.


I've made it easy for you so all you need to do is follow the steps, and get the results – all at your own pace.

There is no pressure…you'll receive the information, and use it to add to your habit shifting and lifestyle altering.  

Everything is there for you when you need it.


**There are frequent online office hours to have questions answered live and playbacks.


 This online program is an intentionally designed learning experience that takes you by the hand and tells you exactly what to to and guides you through step-by-step. 


With that being said, please understand that there are many individuals who are uninterested with all of the why and just want to be told what to do, so they can take action.  Others want more of the background info.  That is why you will see a lot of reading material as well.  It's all there, broken down in quick take-aways and more in depth reading.


The Blaze Free Online Program is designed to support you, help you to take action, give you the best inflammation-free lifestyle transitioning experience possible, and the most amazing results you could ever imagine.


A decade of care, pain and experience has gone into it, and I just know you’re going to love being a part of it.

Follow the Principles & Get the Results...

The Program is Built Around SIX Core Principles: Diet, Mindset, Detox, Ecs, Dental and Exercise... to Make Sure You’re Feeling Confident, Supported & Thriving Every Step of the Way…and We Start With…

The Reset Pre-Cleanse

For each principle you receive implementation suggestions for your goal, which ultimately is to reverse symptoms of autoimmune disorders and chronic inflammation, (yes, even your desire for weight loss or digestion issues), itemized shopping lists, checklists & guides and everything else you need to make it as easy, quick and done-for-you as possible...


Decide how serious you are.  The PreCleanse is the necessary pre-cursor to the transition and has to be initiated.



(When you finish your PreCleanse and decide to enroll in the program  the $11 limited time starter investment  will be applied towards the $347 system cost.  


I love you enough to say, that if you feel $11 is too much to bother, then that may be an indication you're not ready to invest seriously into transitioning into your wellbeing 

and still have some suffering to do yet...Like I stated before, we all have our breaking point.  I'm here when you're ready. 

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