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I Discovered in my quest for ultimate wellness, that there are really 6 KEY areas that must be mastered in order to REVERSE CHRONIC INFLAMMATION AND AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS.

  I now enjoy an amazing inflammation free lifestyle, and can delightfully say that I am MEDICATION FREE!  These 6 master keys have helped helped countless others.

I spent 20 years in health hell.  There were random symptoms, a list diagnoses, multiple specialists, perfect lab results, AND NEVER ANY ANSWERS.

I was nurse losing the autoimmune battle, yet saving others everyday.

 Life then really spiraled out of control for me after surviving a horrific accident in 2016 that killed my son, and left me with a traumatic physical injury.  I was left broken, unable to walk and riddled with pain & PTSD.  The fibromyalgia and chronic inflammation came to a head, and no one could help me but me. 

After unlearning and relearning how the body can heal itself if provided the right things, and a year of physical therapy, I healed myself, and no longer took pharmaceuticals.

I knew had to share my system with others who were desperate to transition into wellness and heal themselves the way I was.  I gathered all of my notes and information, my trials and errors, and developed Blaze Free.

My approach is rooted in the use of nutrient-dense, alkalizing food, mindfulness techniques & lifestyle maintenance. 

Through my wellness journey, I became enamored with the effects diet and lifestyle have on cellular function and regeneration.  I believe in our our own ability to change our outcomes and live a life of vitality and wellness. 


Nurse Fame attended the University of Saint Francis (majoring in nursing) a hundred years ago, and since that time , has focused her nursing career around orthopedic peri-operative nursing, functional medicine and autoimmune disease. 


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